Letter to a niece  - 02/06/01

I sum up news here, old about some ones.
* I am raising a moderate centered movement, the same kind of former communist party having evolved to a centre political place in Bulgaria.
* This movement is assuming that China and U.S. might be allied at some stage "for the best and the worst".
Over the world one can sees right-extremists demonizing U.S. . It is not good, and probably revealing other kind of 'maneuvers'. It is well known at start of this period that two superpowers are U.S. and China, and one ought not to disturb one side. Those who do that have certainly not good ideas.
   In another hand, China might be ashamed that everyone here looks to be assaulting U.S. and being not grateful towards China as representant of Third-World as it proved in Cancun(in this case China would say U.S.=newly victimized, but China and its followers are always great and ready to help)  while having established a new alliance including India and 21 countries. Note that U.S. have not been helped (excepted by British, Poland and perhaps some third-world divisions) in last Irak intervention. At the converse, some feudal liberty colonialist powers tried to lead an opposition to the new fredom camp, as composed of those mentioned above. If we don't moor (us, the Open Socialist Camp)  to strong leaders of the actual free camp, how will we prove to have the equal capabilities ?
  From long time ago no one had heard that Phap Hitle considered to have a problem with Vietnam, but due to their little respect for People of Vietnam while coming to torture Third-World persons inside its borders, that is a new point of focus to pay attention to. Phap Hitle for themselves have been heard shouting outloud everywhere while torturing these persons, that they have never accepted their defeat in DDP and in accordance whith what that surprizing revealing, they look strangely enforcing these positions when continuing the tortures against all People of Third-World (lead sometimes by our Open Socialist Camp, and growing by themselves while beeing always supported by our esteem).
  That is thas kind of events that the new partnerships of GDC (growing developed countries), Third-World countries and us, have to take in account. We look to be on the verge to treat the problems for next few years in that kind of ideas. One will see whether cac 'Phap Hitle' (the strange right-nazi force that looks to carry a french label) will continue or not their attacks to disrupt the most stable configurations (our Open Socialist Camp and its alliances, partnerships at OMC, and even sometimes US and China for countering terrorism and peacing down some worst incredible attacks coming for instance from those who are named 'Phap Hitle', formerly having called for atomic bombing against Open Socialist Camp).

  So that was some ways of thinking among others. I recall her the old particular tiny way of minding backed by Third-World according to which Vietnam had the role to extend one of its wings over the Middle-East Region when there was temporary no announced Peace plan, just in case local situation might have become explosive (just like at time Phap Hitle called atomic bombing over Third-World. This attempt of us despised by Phap Hitle as 'to protect' U.S.) if they were suddenly overthrown then possibly attacked (as in 11/9) that leading after to destabilize the whole planet (that plan has never been revealed as coming actually from Vietnam or China). Of course this plan has been totally superseded and forgotten, from the moment US had announced its plan for peace in Palestinia and more recently when Europe is looking to acquire softly softly a less smaller stature (thanks to Germany) through its record of efforts. We can stil think from times to times that this old strange path or run for Peace might be reinvigorated in future, but for the moment it is totally abandonned.
  I feel that our politics must focus on backing poor countries of Third-World in their efforts to raise from poverty and to grow towards sun and enjoyment of life.
I feel that even it is not recognised that Vietnam made its way at these old times for supporting efficiently the Peace until now, it was a glorious period. Cac extremist Phap Hitle and their supporters be defeated throughout the world.

Colonel Viktor