Assassinat dans le camp des Sociaux-Démocrates

  Depuis l'assassinat de Madame Anna Lindh ministre suédois des affaires étrangères en septembre 2003, le mouvement se reconnaît comme faisant partie des jeunes socialismes d'ouverture et, solidaire avec les partis sociaux-démocrates Européens, se sent concerné par la défense des populations.

  Lettre adressée au Parti social-démocrate suédois pour les obsèques de Madame Lindth

Lettre adressée au Parti social-démocrate suédois pour les obsèques de Madame Lindth

Dear friends,

In spite of that we are for the moment only going to be founding a new french social-democrat mouvement, we share with you your immense sadmess for the loss of Mrs Anna Lindth. Our temporary site is .

 We feel that it is part of an attack from an obscure nazi force against democrats of Europe, perhaps because social-democrats and particularly liberal-socialism are future of Europe. I am one of the founders who is still suffering from psychological torture through internal devices mentionned on the web site, so my partisans and me, we feel strongly the attack against Mrs Lindth. We are sensible to the attack of these extremists who look to be hard ultra-rightists as those using these internal head-devices to torture or to influence populations.

  For extremists against your party and our movement, it is difficult to understand, but even european right wings and centre-right parties, are their possible targets. Maybe you ought to warn other democracies about a plot against what are seen or called by these extremists to be 'communists movements' but in reality are moderate movements from socialists to right wing.

  For me particularly, I am afraid that being founding a same party than you, so [ndlr NSD "how I will"] be able to continue my actions and to raise the counterbalance for protecting the populations of democracies (represented as well by  leftist and by rightists parties from this extremists point of view). I see temporarily no other mean to be protected from actions done by ultra-rightists, than to become member of a known resistant movement against extreme-right excesses. You will see also on the web site that I have defended an opening for Vietnam for Peace and a kind of new right socialism, so I am probably one of next ones on the list to be killed.

  I think that left-wing parties have not yet the technical means that these ultra-right groups have, so they felt very powerful from summer 2002 (about the date they have started to use these devices on me) and nothing can stop yet them today from killing leaders, one after the other. The means they employ is perhaps provoking a global imbalance, so all movements are possibly threatened. These sad days of September, they probably wished to savage the memory of Salvador Allende and Olaf Palme and to hit Democracy.

We have not all the same positions in social-democrat parties about foreign policies, so another explanation is possibly they feel that there is a kind of new spring or spirit in social-democrat universe, and that they are furious that Socialism is not dead (that is, for them possibly, right-wing parties are not enough extremists to fight left-wing ones). For us, socialism on the right is possible but we ought to tell people to do not name it as being "rightist" movements. Perhaps following the kind of meaning (era?) you call ‘swedish opening’.
 Era of opening would be not at all an extension of former socialism, but rather renewal in socialism and rejuvenating it while accepting the set of young socialisms. The old right-wing kind of movements remains basically straightening rightism, but a socialism is a socialism, even when 2 kinds of parties look like in several regions being covering similar political seats (not the same political space) due to disposal of modern assemblies. The two kinds of spirits are ‘differents’.
   For us, an essentially rightist party will remain a rightist party (ready to sacrify populations at end), not a socialist one, because not accepting to call itself (even partly) a socialist one.
This new kind of socialisms is different and it opens perhaps an era of new socialisms, coming from left (ndlr NSD: against what they call the 'defence of Hitlerians'). They might work also along social-democrat parties while offering them how to get frankly, socially, new fresh air (while organizing societies in new manners, cohesions, economics, ..). We feel that this kind is possible, though it is difficult to define.

  We wish that memory of Mrs Lindth survives, and
   we are mourning with you.

Mr F.G. President
Mr M.P. cofounder, spokesman

Les routes des socialismes d'origine, contre les arguments fallacieux des Hitlériens.

   A propos de choses aussi monstrueuses que les massacres des shoas (tout d'abord les 50 millions d'Africains morts en esclavage, puis la Shoa et les autres génocides), le camp des ultra-nazis ose parler de "la défense des hitlériens". Le Mouvement a répondu historiquement à cela par les "routes" des socialismes.

  Par rapport aux élections de Mai 2002, nous avons entendu le prétexte suivant de la part des f.n.v.:
 "Parce que le colonel vert aurait pu 'sauver' sans doute le chef de la Gauche, ... alors nous nous sommes organisés pour 'sauver' la droite".
 Tout comme ils auraient dit: 'en réaction à une pure supputation de notre part, comme nous étions certains qu'il y aurait une tentative de la part de la Gauche, nous avons été obligés de nous défendre.'

Cf. égt.
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