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Competition to Attend the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico
The competition is open to young professionals from the Middle East and North Africa. Closing date: 24 November 2005.

The Selection of the WaDImena Pre-Proposals
The selected pre-proposals from each country have now been informed of the final decision of the WaDImena team and an independent committee. Those research teams who have been selected will be asked ...

Regional Water Demand Initiative - WaDImena
Arab girl.jpg
WaDImena photo: Young Yemeni Girl

What is WaDImena?

WaDImena is a five-year multi-donor funded program (2004-2009) coordinated by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). WaDImena contributes to effective water governance by enhancing water-use efficiency, equity and sustainability.

WaDImena aims to facilitate the adoption and implementation of water demand management strategies and tools in the countries of the MENA region: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, and to translate awareness into action for tangible impacts.

Activities are directed toward applied research, field-based pilot activities and a regional exchange facility to promote capacity development, experience sharing and knowledge networking. The project builds on the success of the WDM Forums (2002-2003) and previous research conducted by IDRC and our partners. _______________________________________________________________

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Global Development Marketplace Competitions 2005-Oct-23

Middle East 'Science-Peace' Group to Focus on Water 2005-12-01

World Bank Supports Urban Water Supply Project in Tunisia 2005-11-18


Questionnaire on the 4WWF Regional Document for MENA 2005-10-26
Designed and disseminated by the MENA Regional Committee for stakeholders' feedback on water challenges, success stories and local experiences

Competition to Attend the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico 2005-10-18
The competition is open to young professionals from the Middle East and North Africa. Closing date: 24 November 2005.

Clean Water: The Key for Generations to Come 2005-10-18
Celebrating World Water Monitoring Day

The MED Committee meeting on 11 July in Brussels gave favourable opinions on MEDA National Financing Plans 2005 for seven Mediterranean Partners: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia 2005-10-10

The US national Academies announces the launch of its WATER INFORMATION CENTRE 2005-10-10
A portal of more than 100 peer-reviewed reports from the National Academies on water-related issues.

16 October: World Food Day 2005-10-10

New instruments for improving governance, performance and investments in the water sector under PPP schemes 2005-10-09
Policy Principles, Implementation Guidelines and a ’ToolContainer’ developed under the "Public-Private Partnerships for Water Supply and Sanitation" Initiative.

The 2006 Development Marketplace Global Competition "Innovations in Water, Sanitation, and Energy Services for Poor People" 2005-10-09


Research Results from the Minia Water Users’ Associations Project 2005-09-26
“Social Value and Management of Water in Egypt”: Examining and clarifying the social value of water and its implication on water management and on Water Users’ Associations for the first time in Egypt.

In an effort to demystify the water "problem," IDRC Bulletin speaks with IDRC governor Margaret Catley-Carlson who has been working in the area of water for 20 years


2005-10-10 6:01 (Ottawa)
Seminar on Environmental Services and Financing for the Protection and Sustainable Use of Ecosystems - 10-11 October 2005, Geneva

2005-10-17 8:25 (Ottawa)
International Research Workshop on Gender and Collective Action - 17-21 October, 2005, Thailand

2005-11-13 3:04 (Ottawa)
First EMPOWERS Regional Symposium on “Sharing Experiences on Involving Users in Integrated Water Resources Management at the Local and Intermediate Levels” - 13-16 November 2005, Egypt

2005-11-14 2:22 (Ottawa)
Water Resources in Mediterranean Basin (WATMED2) - 14-17 November 2005, Morocco

2005-11-14 7:15 (Ottawa)
Seminar on Water Governance: Role of Stakeholders and Civil Society Institutions - 14-15 November 2005, Lebanon

2005-12-01 3:19 (Ottawa)
Global 72-hour internet event - December 1-3, 2005
Sponsored by the Government of Canada, UN HABITAT and IBM in preparation for the 3rd World Urban Forum

2005-12-06 1:18 (Ottawa)
First International Conference on Water Resources in the 21st Century - 6-8 December 2005, Egypt

2005-12-12 2:45 (Ottawa)
Water Poverty and Social Crisis: Perspectives for Research and Action - 12-15 December 2005, Morocco

2005-12-13 1:55 (Ottawa)
Short course on Water Recycling for Urban Applications - 13-14 December 2005, United Kingdom
School of Water Sciences, Cranfield University, UK

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